Upcoming Events

Filthy Dreamers

filthy dreamers posterThe documentary film Filthy Dreamers will be screened this Sunday at the First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1901 E. Robinson Street, Orlando, FL) at 9:30 a.m. at the Library of Gore Hall.

Who should control what is taught in our public universities? Educators? Citizens? Or, politicians? In the late 1920s Florida State College for Women was the only public university that allowed women to enroll, and it found itself at the center of an ideological battle over faith and science in the classroom. The outcome depended on the college president, professors, and students, who defended their right to academic freedom. The religious fundamentalist who launched the attack called all of them Filthy Dreamers.

I am in the film and will be at the screening. The film was produced by students at UCF. One of the producers and a professor at UCF, Lisa Mills, will be there for a discussion after the 30 minute film.

Going Ape

I will also be speaking to the Humanist Society of Gainesville on Wednesday about Going Ape. The meeting is at the UU Fellowship, 4225 NW 34th Street (a little north of 39th Ave. on the east side of the street) at 7 p.m.