Genesis in science class

genesisOn Feb 1, 1972, Rep. Dennis McDonald from St. Petersburg filed HB 2937 in the Florida legislature:

“A bill to be entitled An act relating to education; directing the school board to require in the teaching of evolution the reading of appropriate religious passages dealing with creation and evolution including, but not limited to, chapters one and two of Genesis …”

I was reminded of it when I read this recent story about the shenanigans going on in Louisiana: It’s official: Louisiana public schools are using the Book of Genesis in high school science classes.

After years of sounding the alarm to politicians and the media, yesterday’s official confirmation that teachers in at least one Louisiana school district use the Book of Genesis in public school science classrooms affirms what activist Zack Kopplin had been warning about since he was a junior in high school: Bobby Jindal’s “science education” law had nothing to do with better understanding science — and everything to do with promoting evangelical Christianity.

Louisiana’s “science education” law’s wording is nothing like the blatant wording in the 1972 Florida proposal. But, wouldn’t you know it, the intended result is the same. Imagine that.