New review of Going Ape

I was just recently informed that Going Ape was reviewed in the November issue of the Journal of Southern History. Unfortunately, I can’t read the whole thing. I only have access to a portion and I would have to buy a subscription to read the rest. But from what I am able to see, it’s a positive review.

Going Ape: Florida’s Battles over Evolution in the Classroom is not an academic book, which explains the way it was researched and written. In a very clear narrative that relies mostly on evidence from public records and newspapers, Haught explains how the public debate about teaching evolution was shaped, and how arguments changed in response to the failures experienced by creationists in their attempt to control the teaching of science. This is probably the most important lesson that one can learn from reading this book. Against the typical image of religious fanaticism and dogmatism, the picture that emerges through the reading of Going Ape shows us how savvy those opposing evolution have been in their development of different strategies to bring about a science curriculum not centered on Charles Darwin’s theory.

If anyone has access to the whole thing, I would love to see it!