Will Dinosaur Adventure Land rise again?

Forbes contributor Peter Reilly went down the Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind rabbit hole and brought back some gems. (Don’t know who Hovind is? He is in chapters 7 and 8 of Going Ape and you can check out his Wikipedia page.) He reports that some of those who supported one of my favorite Florida creationists during his legal trials and tribulations are disappointed that Hovind doesn’t see eye to eye with them on some biblical facts. Namely, is the earth flat or not? Troubles About Flat Earth And Other Kent Hovind Developments

There are several videos posted there that you can choose to get sucked into or not. I sampled a few but decided to it would be better to hold on to my sanity a while longer.

dinosaur-adventure-landReilly’s notes are pure gold, though. Such as: “Hovind’s experience has caused him to believe that prison is a very bad idea and not so incidentally unbiblical.” And Reilly got what may be the inside scoop on some of Hovind’s future plans: “The idea would be to use Kent Hovind teachings in each theme park in a way that Kent Hovind becomes to dinosaur theme parks as Colonel Sanders is to chicken eateries. […] His current plans are to seek retirement, enjoy his family, while continuing his teaching on creation, the flood, and the coming end times via social media, radio, and broadcast.”

Will Dinosaur Adventure Land rise again? If I understand correctly, Hovind’s family and supporters bought up the old so-called theme park’s property except for one section and they have been harassing the man who bought that one part to no end. Stay tuned!

 (cross-posted at Florida Citizens for Science)