Sen. Alan “both sides” Hays

haysFlorida senator Alan Hays had tried and almost succeeded in passing a creationism bill back in 2008. He is featured prominently in Chapter 10 of Going Ape. Back then he believed that when evolution is taught in Florida schools that teachers should be required to conduct a “critical analysis” of it so that students could be exposed to “both sides” of the theory. “My question to you today is: what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that our students are going to learn how to critically analyze a theory?” he said during debate.

Now Hays is aiming at a new “both sides” target in the next state legislative session. Lawmaker to Push Bill Requiring Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’ Be Shown in Schools

“The most dreaded disease in America today is political correctness. We need to inform our students of our whole history, and teach them how to think, not what to think,” Hays said. “Let them talk with their teachers, their peers and their parents, then draw their own conclusions. But they need both sides, and this movie shows a side they just aren’t seeing.”

And here’s another story: Florida Lawmaker Drafts Bill To Require Every Student To Watch Documentary Explaining Why Liberals Hate America

The documentary film is a conservative-spin on American history focusing on elevating the “essential goodness of America” while discrediting criticisms about American’s checkered history with civil rights and social justice.

Critics panned the film for lacking factual substance, calling D’Souza’s claims far-fetched and misguided. […] The Washington Post said, ““America” is less successful as a debate, since it isn’t one. D’Souza controls the conversation, and thus goes unchallenged when he tries to make real-world points with make-believe scenarios.” […] “‘America” isn’t a documentary; it’s more like the badly-filmed version of a badly-written, meandering op-ed piece from a paper that lacks fact-checking or proofreading,” said a Wrap review of the film.