Nice review of Going Ape

The Reports of the National Center for Science Education published a nice review of Going Ape!

Evolution in the Sunshine State

“Brandon Haught, formerly a Marine Corps combat correspondent and currently public information officer with the Volusia County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office, has produced a very well-researched, well-written book on the history of the conflicts over evolution in the curriculum of public schools in Florida.”
“In summary, Going Ape is informative, helping to put the nationwide exploits of the anti-evolutionists in perspective, and, as a bonus, it is enjoyable to read—kudos to the author. Haught closes his narrative with ‘It’s a certainty that someone’s passions will spark the next battle. My fingers are hovering over the keyboard, ready to chronicle it. I doubt I have long to wait’ (page 234). I look forward to reading his next contribution.”