More media paying attention … Just not Florida media

More and more national media are paying attention to the travesty of substandard science education going on in many voucher accepting private schools. Politico has a good, in-depth piece: Taxpayers fund creationism in the classroom. Florida is mentioned several times in the story, such as this mind blowing quote:

But Doug Tuthill, who runs one of the largest private school choice programs in the nation, says states have no right to determine what kids should learn, beyond basic math, reading and writing. Other topics, from the age of Earth to the reasons for the Civil War, are just too controversial for a government mandate, he said, even when taxpayer money is at stake.

“Once a child has strong literacy skills, they can educate themselves,” said Tuthill, who runs Florida’s Step Up for Students program. “We don’t have to rely on schools, necessarily.”

My question is, where is the Florida media? The revelation about creationism in these schools has been known for quite a while now. But not a single news outlet here in our state has dared to tackle this angle of the issue. Why?