Filthy Dreamers

filthy dreamers posterI was in a documentary film called Filthy Dreamers, which was about censorship on college campuses here in Florida back in the 1920s. I’m in the film because the focus of that censorship was the teaching of evolution, something I happen to know a bit about. There’s some cool news about the film recently: Student documentary receives accolades from Emmy’s Television Academy.

I’m sure it was all because me … right?

From the article:

The documentary sheds insight and background information on a teacher from the 1920s who went through a three-year ban on teaching the topic of evolution. It also delves into the stand students from Florida State College for Women took to prevent censorship from being used in the classroom.

Derek Loucks, radio-television graduate and main editor of the project, wanted to shed light on the controversial topics that dominated classrooms nearly 90 years ago, and the current issues that revolve around today’s teachings.