Deniers will deny

Awesome! Going Ape was used in this Tallahassee Democrat column to help show how evolution deniers and climate change deniers are a lot alike: Evolution, climate change share a lot

In “Going Ape,” it is clear that nothing would convince some people that evolution is a scientific theory worth teaching. And I was struck by parallels with the battle over climate change.

First, there’s no single alternative theory. Deniers just know the prevailing one is wrong. […] Second, Christian fundamentalism intrudes into both issues. […] Third, deniers jump on any scientific misstep. […]

Finally, if all else fails, it’s a conspiracy. In Haught’s book, over and over you hear from people certain that evolution is a plot to turn America into a godless nation. With climate change, the conspirators are many. It’s the big money behind climate change (though, if I were looking for money, I’d hit up Exxon before I knocked on the door of a windmill-maker). It’s scientists tailoring their results to get more grants. It’s President Obama conspiring to shut down coal plants (what does he have against West Virginia?).