Column in Tampa Bay Times

I have a column in the Tampa Bay Times: Science shortfall at voucher schools

Many private schools have a rigorous science curriculum and instill a sense of wonder and thirst for scientific exploration in their students. However, research has revealed that at least 164 voucher-accepting private schools in Florida teach creationism.

Many of those schools are very proud of this fact. It’s a successful selling point. And they get away with it because they aren’t held accountable for what goes on in the science lab. Tax credit scholarship students are required by state law to take state-approved standardized tests in reading and math, but not in science.

This is in reference to a bill filed in the Florida legislature that was intended to give a school voucher program, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, a big expansion. There was a conflict between Senate and House versions of the bill, though. The Senate wanted more accountability in the private schools, which I agree with and my article advocated for. The House didn’t want any new accountability at all. Fortunately, recent news indicates that the Senate has dropped consideration of the bill altogether, meaning that the voucher expansion is very unlikely to happen this year.