A calm response to an anti-evolution rant

Back on April 25 I posted about a guest columnist in the Gainesville Sun railing against evolution, He’s itching for a fight. The writer’s main point was that past debates at the University of Florida between creationists and scientists over evolution allegedly came down heavily in favor of the creationists. The supposed victories were so decisive […]

It’s an honor!

I’m very honored and excited to be selected as one of two teacher scholarship winners, receiving an all-expenses-paid eight-day raft trip through the Grand Canyon, hosted by the National Center for Science Education this summer! Is that just pure awesome or what?! NCSE news release: Congratulations to the 2016 NCSE Grand Canyon Teacher Scholarship winners! “This […]

Sir Harry Kroto

There is some very sad news from over the weekend. Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize winning chemist teaching at Florida State University, passed away Saturday. I worked with him briefly through Florida Citizens for Science. During the big fight over evolution in the state standards back in 2008, Kroto personally helped in many different ways. I […]

Filthy Dreamers

I was in a documentary film called Filthy Dreamers, which was about censorship on college campuses here in Florida back in the 1920s. I’m in the film because the focus of that censorship was the teaching of evolution, something I happen to know a bit about. There’s some cool news about the film recently: Student […]

He’s itching for a fight

Andrew Scholberg, a freelance writer and member of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Gainesville, wrote a guest column for the Gainesville Sun entitled Gainesville’s evolution vs. creation saga. In it he laments the absence of any good evolution vs. creationism debate at the University of Florida since the 1980s. Back in the 80s, he writes, […]

Session over; Instructional Materials bills dead

The Florida legislative session is mercifully over and the instructional materials bills Florida Citizens for Science has been tracking are history. These ill-conceived bills would have changed the way textbooks and other educational tools are reviewed and selected, handing entirely too much power to well meaning but non-expert parents and not so well meaning, ideologically driven […]

You can’t have it both ways

I have genuine difficulty understanding a person who looks down on science and yet has no problem benefiting from it. A letter-to-the-editor writer in today’s Daytona Beach News-Journal did exactly that – denigrate science while praising its products – in response to my column published Sunday. He writes: THE VAGUE SIDE OF SCIENCE Science. It […]

My newspaper column and farewell to Hays

My column was published in the Community Voices section of today’s Daytona Beach News Journal: Don’t mix science, religion in public schools. It’s a rebuttal to a previous column written by a Flagler County school board member. She supported the two very bad instructional materials bills currently languishing in the Florida legislature. My piece goes […]

Presentation in Tampa for Darwin Day event

Some last minute scheduling has put me on the agenda for the annual University of South Florida Darwin Day event in Tampa tomorrow (Saturday). I’ll be speaking at the Hillsborough County Schools teacher workshop being held at the Museum of Science and Industry. (The date on that webpage is wrong. The workshop is Saturday, not […]

New review of Going Ape

I was just recently informed that Going Ape was reviewed in the November issue of the Journal of Southern History. Unfortunately, I can’t read the whole thing. I only have access to a portion and I would have to buy a subscription to read the rest. But from what I am able to see, it’s […]