Unfortunate students stuck in the middle of a debate they don’t understand

New York’s flagship public radio station WNYC recently broadcast/published stories about conflicts over teaching evolution and climate change in classrooms across the country. I spent quite a long time talking with a reporter about the situation here in Florida, especially in relation to the Religious Liberties and Instructional Materials bills approved by our state legislature […]

The beginnings of the next chapter …

The Florida legislature passed during its 2017 session House Bill 989, a proposed law that will affect how instructional materials for schools are selected and challenged. And evolution is clearly one of the topics likely to be targeted if the bill becomes law. It passed its final vote in the Senate 19 to 17, but all […]

Hard work does pay off

I’ve been working overtime helping Florida Citizens for Science’s campaign against bills in the state legislature that we know will give power to creationists and climate change deniers to harass school boards across the state. I wrote an op-ed and submitted it to several newspapers but didn’t hear back from any for a while. Then […]

When 22 minutes is reduced to mere seconds

I was interviewed earlier this week for a segment on Uptown Radio, a news show produced by students at the Columbia Journalism School. The piece is called Science Teachers Navigate the Changing Political Climate. I talked with the reporter for 22 minutes and I said all sorts of interesting and factual things. The few seconds that […]

“Nowhere in the material is a balanced discussion of the biblical explanation.”

An op-ed I wrote was published in today’s Daytona Beach News Journal: Bills threaten science education Of concern to science advocates like us is the Collier group’s vociferous opposition to established, accurate science concepts. Among their targeted objectionable materials are lessons about evolution and climate change. The single most alarming statement from the bills’ supporters is […]

Florida legislative session keeping me busy this year

If you don’t already know, I volunteer as a board member and communications director for the statewide organization Florida Citizens for Science. We promote and defend sound science education in the Sunshine State. More of our energy winds up going into the defend part rather than the promote part, though. That group can go for […]

Is teaching science considered a form of discrimination?

Palm Beach Post columnist Frank Cerabino has a few things to say about Religious Liberties bills sponsored in the Senate by Dennis Baxley: Getting liberated from science in Florida’s ‘religious liberties’ bill. Cerabino brings up a bit about Baxley’s past consternation over science education: Back when the Ocala Republican took a break from writing deadly bills […]

Happy Darwin Day

I’ll be in Winter Park today at the Central Florida Freethought Community’s Darwin Day event. When it’s my turn to take the mic at about 2:30, I’ll talk about whether evolution is being taught in schools, a brief history of anti-evolution efforts in Florida and then wrap up with a shameless plug for Florida Citizens […]

Kentucky gives insight into Florida religious liberties bills

The Kentucky legislature is considering Religious Liberties bills that are remarkably similar to ones filed here in Florida. Here’s a link to the Kentucky bill and, for comparison, here is a link to the Florida bill. Language from the Kentucky bill: … a student shall be permitted to voluntarily: Express religious or political viewpoints in […]

We need to be wary. The circus is coming to town.

Last month we had intelligent design promoter Paul Nelson bumbling around in Florida promoting a documentary. Now another famous intelligent design guru, Michael Behe, is barnstorming Florida to show off a new documentary that’s all about him. He’ll be at the University of Central Florida tonight. Then he’ll move on to Clearwater and the University of […]