Kentucky gives insight into Florida religious liberties bills

The Kentucky legislature is considering Religious Liberties bills that are remarkably similar to ones filed here in Florida. Here’s a link to the Kentucky bill and, for comparison, here is a link to the Florida bill. Language from the Kentucky bill: … a student shall be permitted to voluntarily: Express religious or political viewpoints in […]

We need to be wary. The circus is coming to town.

Last month we had intelligent design promoter Paul Nelson bumbling around in Florida promoting a documentary. Now another famous intelligent design guru, Michael Behe, is barnstorming Florida to show off a new documentary that’s all about him. He’ll be at the University of Central Florida tonight. Then he’ll move on to Clearwater and the University of […]

Baxley comments on school Religious Liberties bill

Here’s the first public comment Sen. Dennis Baxley has made concerning the “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act” he and Rep. Kim Daniels filed in their respective chambers: Florida Senate to consider public school ‘religious liberties’ bill The bill would allow religious clothing and jewelry. It would also allow “religious expression” in coursework, and also […]

Baxley and the Religious Liberties Act

I told you about the “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act” (House Bill 303) filed in the Florida house and my concerns with it. Today, a companion bill was filed in the senate: Senate Bill 436. It’s a duplicate of the house bill. I’ve seen troublesome bills in past years that were only filed […]

Trouble for science education found in Florida House Bill 303

House Bill 303, filed Thursday (1/19) by Rep. Kimberly Daniels, has the potential for serious trouble. The “Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act” has two troublesome sections that could impact science education. The bill is broad, with the purpose of protecting/allowing students and others in the school system free religious expression without fear […]

Darwin Day, Central Florida

I’m speaking at Central Florida Freethought Community’s Darwin Day event Sunday, February 12, 1 – 4 p.m. at the University Club of Winter Park. The event features Aron Ra, evolution debater, science educator, and host of the Ra-Men Podcast. Also Dr. Daniel Batcheldor, astrophysicist and author of “Astronomy Saves the World”; Brandon Haught, biology teacher, […]

Crowdfunding a human evolution lab for schools

Here is an effort to research what tools are needed by teachers to effectively educate students about human evolution. They’re crowdfunding to get the needed materials for the study. Consider chipping in if you can. What are essential factors that make for an effective teacher delivery of a cutting-edge human evolution lab? It is often difficult […]

Yes, people are still worried about evolution education in Florida

Is teaching evolution still an issue here in Florida? It’s been quite a while since there have been any newsworthy mentions of opposition to evolution here. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still lurking under the surface, ready to burst out at any time. My evidence? Voting guides issued by various “family” and “values” organizations […]

How I spent my summer …

There are no man-made signs deep in the Grand Canyon. If you want to know where to find Elves Chasm or how severe the next set of Colorado River rapids are, you better have a good guidebook with you or be under the care of expert navigators. There are no picnic tables. You have to […]

A calm response to an anti-evolution rant

Back on April 25 I posted about a guest columnist in the Gainesville Sun railing against evolution, He’s itching for a fight. The writer’s main point was that past debates at the University of Florida between creationists and scientists over evolution allegedly came down heavily in favor of the creationists. The supposed victories were so decisive […]